“I have been touched, healed in so many ways and most of all I feel I have opened a door to a whole new world I can’t wait to discover. I feel loved and ready for an adventure.”


“I enjoyed it tremendously. It felt safe and I felt home. A place where you can be yourself, can shine, and feel things through. I feel gratitude because you really made me see what it is to be present in my essence”


“The teachers are holding the space with such love and such magnificence, starting soft and gentle, building to high intensity, but always there to support, to love, to nurture, to cherish. In the end coming down slowly, beautifully integrating and holding us all.”


“It’s a connection with the divine. Getting in touch with the very essence of life. The program takes you where you need to go, every workshop takes you to a spot that allows you to make the most of the next workshop. I feel safe and loved at every moment.”


‘I feel vibrant, my sexual energy gets freed, and that feels very good.’


“I feel really transformed after this week. I came even closer to myself, I am more grounded, I speak more relaxed, and thoughts are almost gone.”


“It enabled me to journey with people, and contentedly as an individual. I grew as an individual, and yet it was wonderful having so many people around me. The Live music has been absolutely fantastic and added this joyous, rich dimension to the whole thing.”


“I simply feel sisters now with all the women in the group. I think it’s because we all want to be here, and here in your body in this moment, in the NOW. And then magic happens.”


“I absolutely loved all the Live music. It always speaks to the heart. When you can’t find the words, music fills that.”


“In the end, this week beautifully revealed that life is nothing else but love.”


“Being together as one big family, in truth beauty and love”


“DEEP is created in the moment and therefore deeper than any preset-program can ever be. Mind-blowing, literally!”